"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake."

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parents vs. kids: food fight!

my nutrition

I am fascinated with the human body and it’s healing abilities. I also adore food! Which seems a ridiculous thing to say, don't we all? After years of devouring articles/ books on the subject of health, food/recipes, detoxing, wellness, disease, stress, and so on, I put this passion into a degree at the highly accredited Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and am now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist! This is the best second career/mid-life transition ever. Join me on Facebook and Youtube!

your health

Go to 40girlsguide.com for details and to see my webseries: The 40-Girl's Guide to Health. The gist: 

"Want to get HEALTHY? Me too! So I started THE 40-Girl's GUIDE to HEALTH! My weekly vlog on the latest food therapy, lady-bits & the body-mind-spirit connection for women over 30 — foods to buy, foods to ban, how to prep, who to call, vitamins, minerals, hormones, disease, cures, spirituality, wellness, the lot of it — served up with humour and amore. As a longtime reality TV producer (Housewives, Dr. Phil, Bachelor) and journalist, my inclination is to deliver and uncover the truth in a way that’s deliciously fun."

parents vs. kids: food fight!

If you are a parent, then you already know that what YOU want your kids to eat, versus what THEY want to eat is a daily battle, one so many parents lose. It doesn’t need to be that way. 

Teaching kids good food habits early on is the way to go. Best if you start when they are babies, or before, when pregnant or getting pregnant. I know, many will say, “Too damn late!” That’s ok. Start now. It’s actually never too late. Truly. A few facts to empower you:

  • your body almost completely rebuilds itself in less that 365 days
  • liver rebuilds itself every six weeks
  • DNA renews itself every two months
  • stomach lining rebuilds itself in five days (do that cleanse!)
  • your skin rebuilds itself in a month, your blood in four
  • you have a new skeleton in only three months
  • your brain rebuilds itself in one year

Bottom-line: every cell in your body eventually dies and is replaced with a new one. Each day is an opportunity to rebuild your temple using the food you eat. Choose organic (un-adulterated, un-poisoned), clean, local when possible, seasonal, fresh, healthy food.