"Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible."  Einstein

my yoga
my yoga story

my yoga

SHOGA is my own creation based on years of teaching and feedback from fellow yoginis. It’s a hybrid form of flow/Ashtanga yoga and sport, designed to build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance in body & mind. Each practice is a thorough workout, targeting core & upper-body strength in particular, as many people already give their bottom half a good workout via biking, hiking, running and so on. Shoga is all-body: inspired by ballet, Pilates, aerobics and sport, with breathing exercises to ground and keep you centered. Shoga brings out the warrior in you!

Find me on the garden Isle of Kauai with my beautiful family. Here, I am starting Yoga-to-Farm sessions in my Yoga Tree House for private groups (overlooking the fruit orchard) and also teaching at Kilauea Dance Studio Wednesdays and Fridays. 

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my yoga story

Doing yoga is a very personal thing. For me, it’s about the seamless balance of strength, power, flexibility and equanimity.

Humble Yogini beginnings. I like to think I started yoga when I was six. That’s when I began ballet. It was love at first sight: the grace, strength & discipline resonated deep. But I felt oaf’ish next to the waifs in my class. Not only was I the biggest and tallest, my hair was too thin and short for a proper ballet bun. After three years, my ego bruised, I left ballet for a new love, gymnastics. I poured my soul into it and spent entire afternoons in a handstand, yearning to be the next Nadia Comaneci! Until a coach told me I was “too tall” for the sport, then I moved on.

I always loved athletics, outdoors and feeling limitless. Who doesn’t? So I began to work my body to the edge on the skihill. A few not so minor injuries later (fractured vertebrae at age 18; then multi-fractured foot, age 21), and after a decent but short freestyle ski career, I discovered yoga. Ommm… the opportunities for expansion seemed endless. But it wasn’t until I moved to LA in 2000 that I truly dug into it. Lucky me: a few blocks from my doorstep were the coolest yoga dojos ever (Sacred Movement, Yoga Works) and hottest yoga teachers (Shiva Rea, Seane Corn) in the biz.

Then in 2006, after a family-move to Vancouver, I became a certified yoga instructor and began teaching immediately in my new home Village of Lions Bay, just minutes from Vancouver with a view to the sea. Bliss. More then 10 years later, as a forever-student of the yoga discipline, and a teacher always in-training, I am ever so willing to share. Find me now on the garden Isle of Kauai with my kick-ass family. Here, I am starting Yoga-to-Farm morning sessions in the Yoga Tree House for private groups (overlooking the fruit orchard) and also teaching at Kilauea Dance Studio Wednesdays and Fridays. Email me!