Step 1 -- Turning Novel into Best-Seller/Blockbuster Movie (stop laughing)

I know, hilarious, right? Best-seller ...puh-lease. Blockbuster Movie ...what is she smoking?
But a girl can dream.
And dream I will.
But how to make dream reality?

Obvious ways:
--Get book mentioned on syndicated talk show... Ellen!
--Get chapter published in popular chick mag ...Flare? Cosmo?
--Get New York Times Book Review!

Realistic ways:
--Get local newspaper to do one paragraph mention
--Get on local radio show -- Check! I was on CBC this morning with Rick Cluff... IIII-thankyou!
--Get mention/s in community papers, any paper will do, minimum reach 50, seriously, I'll take 50.
--Get mom to send email to all her friends
--Hand out flyers on the street.

So I've taken to some realistic and maybe slightly desperate measures. And if you see me on the street, please wave, grab a REALITY JANE postcard and give me one of those pretend smiles that says "I care, I really do" just before you phone your BFF with news of the pathetic chick who's one mortgage payment away from dreds and busking with a multi-colored baton.

Shall let you know how it all goes.